Hsv Remedy Secrets Natural Remedy for Herpes

Holistic Genital herpes Cure Research

If holistic home remedies might really cure genital herpes then the pharma corporation would experience large losses (million and million of us dollars yearly ). In this article we have selected details about pretty interesting holistic herpes cure study that were operated in the past.

Let's discuss why a lot of regular people would never take advantage of natural remedies for herpes. They never tried it until now and it feels weird to do something unusual. Their medical doctor said to apply antiviral med. And we all believe that we should have confidence in physicians, that these experts hold medical degree and also know best. Almost all physicians recognize only about drugs that have FDA approval and that have actually been studied a lot. And few people would ever fund natural remedies research study. We all understand the old telling "It takes profits to make profits".

Obviously, the are several study demonstrating the health benefits of natural remedies New Drug Could Treat Herpes Simplex-1 Virus More Effectively Than ... in managing herpes. Yet still, there is simply not enough research data to start marketing natural cures to public.

Today, let's look at some real herpes studies and figure out for ourselves if this is really worth choosing holistic treatments.

One of everyone's favorite holistic herpes treatment is garlic. The 1992 research study has actually revealed that garlic can kill 90 % of hsv virus within the first 30 mins.

A study of L-lysine, zinc and herbal-based goods by Southern California University of Health Science consisted of 30 persons, 15 men and 15 women. That proved a full resolution in 40 % of participants by the 3rd day along with in 87 % of subjects by 6th day. No side effects were formed and the therapy was viewed to be totally harmless.

Honey was also analyzed and compared to several of the most popular over the counter hsv virus drugs. 16 subjects with genital and oral herpes were included in that research study. Natural honey helped quicker than Acyclovir in healing outbreaks for 40 % of people with oral herpes and 50 % people with hsv-2.

Ozone treatment options demonstrated really encouraging results in healing herpes outbreaks and getting rid of the virus from body. Several researchers state that this takes 4 to 6 full weeks in order to treat herpes using ozone procedure. Here is a list of research study about managing herpes with ozone therapy treatment that may be found online. All those research studies were done outside of the United States and had to be validated before thinking about.

Yet another exciting research was performed in 1997 by the Dept of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University and involved neem. Tests that were conducted on mices revealed that neem may help prevent HSv from duplicating. Analysts were unable to determine how it helps.

One of the very first research studies related to THC was performed in 1980 by Blevins, RD and Dumic, MP, and indicated that oral herpes and genital herpes cannot reproduce in people cells when active elements of THC were put on them Recurrent genital herpes treatments and their impact on quality of life.. In 1991 a study by Specter S. shared information that confirmed that. These types of results were as well confirmed in 2004 by a group of specialists from the University of Southern Florida.

As you can notice, all the studies shown earlier were operated by small groups of researchers, and some only involved mice. These people still show that holistic home remedies have so much more to offer compared to many antiviral medicines. Having 67 % of the people infected with herpes virus, it is actually not news that several researchers are focusing on the advancement of herpes antidote and not the study of natural cures.

Most of the home remedies listed earlier have actually been around for hundred of years, but they are not well researched, nor they are certified by FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. When you decide to try any one of those home remedies you have to take complete liability and if possible talk to a his response health practitioner (maybe an alternative one) about it.

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